Your destination is Murter, an island located in the middle of Dalmatia, between the cities of Zadar and Šibenik. Within a 50 kilometer proximity of the island, there are three national parks, Kornati islands, Krka river, and Paklenica. There are also two nature parks located very close to the island; the Lake of Vransko and the bay of Telašćica. And if you think that being on an island means that you will be disconnected from civilization, think again! Murter is connected to the mainland by a 12-meter bridge in the town of Tisno. It also includes perks like ATMs, fashion stores, and above all – a lot of restaurants.

About Murter:

Evidence of early human activity lies on the northwest part of the island, where one will find the ruins of the ancient Roman town, Colentum. Today, the biggest town on the island is Murter. Murter’s municipality consists of the town of Murter and the Kornati islands, counting 2000 citizens. During summer months that number surges to 10,000. In the past, the main economic activities were fishing and agriculture, but now tourism has become the most important factor in domestic income. Being close to the Kornati islands, Murter is a very strong nautical point – there are three nautical marinas in the Murter municipality (Marina Hramina, ACI marina Žut and ACI marina Piškera) and two more in other municipality on the island (Marina Betina and ACI marina Jezera).

Among other things, Murter is famous for its shipyards and Falkuša, a traditional wooden boat with lateen, a common type of sail in Mediterranean cultures. Murter has an abundance of fig and olive trees and is well known for its olive oil. There are numerous bays with beautiful beaches, some of which are only accessible by sea. On Murter, you can find a variety of beaches, either with lots of young people and loud music, less crowded beaches for families, or completely isolated places where you will have only seagulls, terns and fishes for the company.


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