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Most spectacular locations in Croatia can be find in Dalmatia. Our multi-day tours other amazing locations in Croatia. Check them out! The starting location for our multi-day tours had been chosen according to various factors, including the selection of a range of national parks, the proximity to a winery en route, and very scenic old Croatian towns.


Doing Adventure Holidays in Croatia is a must! There has never been a better time than now, never a better way than this. Croatia, the place your friends are talking about! Join a small group of people, visit the best locations, do the most exciting things, but stay away from the crowds. Relax in the hammock, take a swim in the pool before and after the visit to the most beautiful national parks. Indulge yourself in Mediterranean cuisine.


Your destination is Murter, an island located in the middle of Dalmatia, between the cities of Zadar and Šibenik. Within a 50 kilometer proximity of the island, there are three national parks, Kornati islands, Krka river, and Paklenica. There are also two nature parks located very close to the island; the Lake of Vransko and the bay of Telašćica. And if you think that being on an island means that you will be disconnected from civilization, think again! Murter is connected to the mainland by a 12-meter bridge in the town of Tisno. It also includes perks like ATMs, fashion stores, and above all – a lot of restaurants.


Fist of all Sibenik with its breathtaking cathedral is an unavoidable destination for inspirational sightseeing. Historic city in Croatia, located in central Dalmatia. Where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. Due to its position Sibenik town is a political, educational, transport, industrial and tourist center of the county. Also the 3rd largest city in the historic region of Dalmatia. Unlike other cities along the Adriatic coast, which were established by Greeks, Illyrians and Romans. Sibenik was founded by Croats. In the city there are four fortresses. Each of whom provides spectacular view on the city, sea and nearby islands.


Zrmanja River and Krupa are among the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Perfectly clear warm water, spectacular canyon with magnificent waterfalls. They are easy and safe enough for beginner canoeists. But their scenery makes them also very exciting for all river adventurists. It is characteristic for its spring located at the bottom of a very steep, almost 200 m high funnel shape rock called Misije. It flows southward through the narrow and long arable valley. Which encircles the southern end of Velebit through a 200-meter-deep canyon. After it turns westwards, reaches Obrovac, and after a few kilometers flows into the Adriatic sea. Joining in the bay named Novigradsko more.


There are five main entrances to the park. While most people visit from Sibenik. So, the two most popular starting points are Skradin and Lozovac at the southern end. The other three entrances are at Roški Slap, Krka Monastery and Burnum. Therefore when you are at the Krka River National Park there are several places of interest. The attractions and facilities available are various footpaths, sightseeing tours and presentations. Also boat trips, souvenir shops, a museum, and restaurants. Finally, there are also several archaeological remains of fortresses in the park’s vicinity. Dating back to as far as the Roman times.

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