Kayaking in Croatia

The word kayak actually means “hunter’s boat.” The history of kayaking started with the Inuit people using them for hunting purposes because of how quiet they are in the water and being able to sneak up on their prey. Nowadays kayaking is a developed sport and a great recreational activity. One of the best advantages of kayaking is being able to reach every nook and cranny of the coastline due to its sleek shape and design. Feeling the freedom of a kayak and not having the noise of an engine behind you is a real charm of this activity.

Kayaking in Croatia is all year round but the best months are from April to November. Croatia is turning into a top destination for kayaking with its countless islands, crystal clear warm waters, Mediterranean climate and abundance of coves to check out.

We specialize in the Kornati Islands National Park; an archipelago of 90 islands, islets and reefs known for its limestone sheer cliffs and beautiful deep blue waters. In the surrounding area of our island, Murter, there are over 100 islands to choose from, making it an ideal place for a single or multi-day trips. Croatia is a great destination for beginning kayakers due to the minimal waves and wind during the summer months but also has challenging possibilities for more experienced kayakers.

To experience a kayaking trip of a lifetime check out the available trips below.


Quick get away

You’ve already planned out your trip to Croatia? Join us for a quick, 5 day tour.

One week tour

In one week you’ll get to see three very different national parks: Paklenica, Krka and Kornati!

Adventure and Sailing tour

This 8 day holiday consists of hiking, biking, kayaking, and sailing is broken into two parts.
per person

Vrgada kayaking

It’s a 3h paddle in both directions and is most intense daily trip in our offering.
per person

Murter kayaking

The best way to enjoy beauties of this gem with four towns is to kayak around it.
per person

Dalmatia tour

On this 11-day trip, you’ll see the best that central and southern Dalmatia has to offer.
per person