Cycling the Croatian Coastline

Croatia boasts almost 21000 km of marked bike routes, and 3000 km of them are in the Dalmatian region. It is a part of the Eurovelo network of international cycling routes, crisscrossing and connecting the European continent. 

It’s never a chore to explore the great four

Even though it is probably most well known for its beautiful coastline (which really is beautiful), ancient walled cities (which really are ancient) and Plitvice lakes (which are so much more than lakes, really). Did you know Croatia is home to a total of eight National parks? That is correct. Eight places of pristine nature that showcase the magnificent diversity of biomes huddled together in this part of the world.

Peoples’ first impressions about islands may be that they are not easy to get too, this is not the case in regards to Murter. The island of Murter is conveniently located in the heart of Dalmatia between Zadar and Split, which both have daily international flights.

It has never been easier to get to the island of Murter from many major cities in Europe and North America. Ryanair is currently offering flights to Zadar’s airport from 17 locations from all over Europe and daily international flights to Split’s airport from America and Canada.

As a guide and the co-owner of Jamming Adventures, I have heard a lot of questions throughout the years of doing this job. Some of the most common of which are: what is the cuisine like? When is the best time to visit? What are the accommodations like? Is it safe there? How much money will I need for the week, and how intense is the tour? These are all valid and well-founded questions when traveling to a new country, and participating in an active holiday tour.

The comments you get from most people when you say Croatia, is Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, etc. These are all beautiful places with much to offer. It seems that the majority of people who come from America, Canada, Australia, and the UK, visit the above locations and with good reason. In the western parts of the world, these destinations are marketed more than others, i.e. than Murter.

Small groups & Local vibe

Not feeling like your going through a factory of tourism but actually traveling like local. We believe in smaller groups, so people get to know each other better and have the feeling of group of friends traveling together. Prior guest review was, I had the feeling I was staying at friend’s house the whole time.

Adventure Holidays with Jamming on the Island of Murter, Croatia. The island of Murter is a beautiful part of Croatia. It’s located across a narrow inlet in the middle of the long Dalmatian coastline. And, of course, this makes it an absolutely perfect setting for an adventure tour company.