The island of Murter and Central Dalmatia- Great Destinations For Adventure Holidays
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The comments you get from most people when you say Croatia, is Dubrovniik, Hvar, Split etc. These are all beautiful places with much to offer. It seems that the majority of people who come from America, Canada, Australia and the UK, visit the above locations and with good reason. In the western parts of the world, these destinations are marketed more than others, i.e. than Murter.

Murter is a small island in Central Dalmatia. The population of the island is around 5000 people and there are four towns on the island:  Murter, Betina, Jezera and Tisno. We are fortunate to have and run our company base out of this beautiful island. Murter is emerging as a great destination for those who like to experience an active holiday, with close proximity to three major national parks: the Kornati islands, Krka Waterfalls and Paklenica canyon and mountains. 

It has something for everyone, and if you’re seeking to hike, bike, rock climb, or mountain bike without having to drive hours to get to places; Paklenica national park being the furthest, it is only an hour and a half drive from Murter, then this is the holiday for you.

Kayaking, Dalmatia

If you would like to experience a Croatia that is a little less known than other destinations, with little less crowds and a bit more of the authentic local vibe, and with the opportunity of enjoying an active holiday, central Dalmatia is the place. The One Week tour covers all the national parks listed above, which consists of three days of kayaking and one biking and hiking day.  We pride ourselves on having smaller groups which allow our guests during their week with us, to encounter as closely as possible, the true tastes and ambiance of the Croatian heritage.

Come see a part of Croatia that has been less explored while at the same time encountering a new culture, cuisine, landscapes and people. Let us show you Murter and central Dalmatia that is turning into a haven for Adventure tourism.