Hidden gems of the Balkans
Hidden gems of the Balkans | Travel Blog | Jamming Adventure

The Hidden gems of the Balkans are worth discovering. Balkan Peninsula, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe, is full of famous destinations. Which include Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Mostar. However, besides well-known cities, there are several Hidden gems of the Balkans that are definitely worth the visit. Here is a list of relatively unexplored by tourists, but unique and magnificent places to see in the Balkans.

Our suggestion of the Hidden gems of the Balkans

Krka River, Skradinski Buk _ Jamming Adventures Croatia

Croatia: Krka National Park

Since the majority of tourists prefer visiting Plitvice lakes, Krka National Park often remains undiscovered. This beautiful Park, located near the town of Sibenik, has seven travertine waterfalls on the river Krka that constitute a true karst phenomenon. The largest waterfall, Skradinski Buk is known to be the largest travertine cascade system in Europe. Thus, if you want to see beautiful lakes, the Krka river with its unique waterfalls, and old mills, or go on a boat trip through the Park, you should definitely visit Krka National Park. Don’t forget to bring your swimming costume, because several locations in the Park are available for swimming!

Montenegro: Cetinje

Budva and Kotor are gorgeous and well-known Montenegrin destinations. But have you ever heard of a town of Cetinje? It is the old royal capital of Montenegro, its religious and cultural center., a true Hidden gem of the Balkans. If you are tired of tourists and cruise ships, spend time in Cetinje, we dare you! And enjoy its enchanting nature and peacefulness. As well as the great Montenegrin Cathedral and the Monasteries of Cetinje. Don’t miss the chance to explore the heart of Montenegro.  Which once used to play a significant role in the country’s economy and culture.

The Undiscovered spots

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Trebinje

So, you visited the main attraction of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mostar, saw its traditional buildings, and got tired of crowds? It’s time to escape from tourists and go visit the Hidden gems of the Balkans. The small medieval town of Trebinje. Indeed, considering Trebinje as the best-kept secret of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This perfect destination is located next to the Croatian border. Situated along the river Trebisnjica, Trebinje is full of old-fashioned houses and Ottoman bridges.

Macedonia: Prilep

Besides the capital city of Skopje and enchanting Ohrid, Macedonia is full of other wonderful and, at the same time, hidden sites. For instance, Prilep is rarely on travelers’ radar. However, it is a must-see destination for all travelers in Macedonia who want to see the Hidden gems of the Balkans. Indeed, situating Prilep in the middle of Macedonia’s prominent wine center. Thus, each wine lover has to seriously consider visiting this magnificent old town. There You can also see the famous Markovi Kuli (Marko’s Towers), Zrze Monastery, and the old Clock Tower.

Albania: Vlora

Have you already been to the magnificent Albanian Riviera and seen its fabulous views and beaches? Then it’s time to explore the town of Vlora. Even though it is not considered as the primary attraction of Albania. But as this article is about the Hidden gems of the Balkans, it is definitely worth visiting. Being one of the ancient Albanian settlements, Vlora can offer many exciting activities. The town is full of enchanting cultural sights, clean beaches, beautiful parks, and old monasteries. Each traveler is able to find in Vlora something for themselves.

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Kosovo: Peja

Are you an enthusiast of exciting outdoor activities? If so, you have to visit a small town of Peja which is situated in Kosovo. Surrounded by nearby forests its located next to the beautiful Rugova Canyon. Peja is an excellent place for enjoying peaceful nature and exploring local Orthodox monasteries. A true Hidden gem of the Balkans. Indeed, the Patriarchate of Peja and Decan Monastery are two of the most magnificent historical attractions of Kosovo.


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