Guide to travelling with Jamming adventures: Cuisine, accommodation, money…
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As a guide and the co-owner of Jamming Adventures, I have heard a lot of questions throughout the years of doing this job. Some of the most common of which are: what is the cuisine like? When is the best time to visit? What are the accommodations like? Is it safe there? How much money will I need for the week, and how intense is the tour? These are all valid and well-founded questions when traveling to a new country, and participating in an active holiday tour.

Cuisine: Food has emerged as a big part of our tour, and feedback from our guests is usually “Mmm, so good”. The part of Croatia in which we are located has a typically Mediterranean cuisine. During the week with us, we will be indulging in all types of seafood from mussels, grilled calamari, fresh sea bass, or lamb and pork on a spit, home made prosciutto, cheese, and local vegetables.


Although Croatian wine is not as well known as the classic European wine countries such as France, Italy, and Spain, Croatia definitely has something to offer and is a huge part of Croatian culture. We have the luxury of visiting the Sladic family winery which produces only 20,000 liters of wine, having the chance to try their red, white, and rose wine, in the beautiful ambiance of the Sladic winery.

Best time to visit: For me, there is not really a best time to visit. Spring, summer, and fall all have something different to offer, it depends on what are wanting out of your holiday. Spring is great because of the quietness and the advantage of having the whole island to yourself. Summer with the warmer weather and warmer water, and social events, ie concerts in town, there are larger crowds. Fall is when the summer bustle is coming to an end with fewer people, but the weather and water are still pleasant and enjoyable.

Accommodation: The accommodations at Jamming Adventures are fully equipped apartments. Each apartment has its own bathroom, full kitchenette, terraces with sea views, air-conditioning, wifi, and is more guest housing then hostel accommodations.


I would say our apartments are not luxurious but are more than comfortable for the week. We are conveniently located less than a five-minute walk from the beach Slanica where there are restaurants and cafes nearby for food and drink.

Money: Croatia is still considered affordable to North America, UK, And Australia. Prices are a bit more expensive on the coast than in the capital Zagreb, but still pretty cheap: coffee is about 10 kunas, two dollars American, beer 18 kuna, less than 3 dollars for a half liter bottle, and dinner on average being around 100 kunas about 18 American. I would say for spending money in regards to lunch and dinner per day, you would need to spend about 300 kunas which is 47 American. Safety is a non-issue on the island, it’s probably one of the most safest places for a holiday.

The intensity of our tour: Here at Jamming Adventures we have a flexible and laid back approach to everything we do and the tour can be as intense as you want to it to be.

We have no problem with people opting out or not participating in a specific day; at the end of the day, it’s your holiday. We also have the opportunity of modifying things to the group’s fitness level, our itineraries are not set in stone.

In the future, I’m sure I will remember some other important questions that I have been asked in the past, but till then, I hope you find this article helpful and informative about Croatia and Jamming Adventures.