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Enjoy your time on the magical island of Murter

Adventure Holidays with Jamming on the Island of Murter, Croatia. The island of Murter is a beautiful part of Croatia. It’s located across a narrow inlet in the middle of the long Dalmatian coastline. And, of course, this makes it an absolutely perfect setting for an adventure tour company.

A short intro to Jamming

Jamming Adventures is a small local business that is run by really friendly staff who clearly feel a great sense of pride in their country. Therefore who aim to share this passion with their guests by offering an unforgettable experience.

Adventure Holidays with Jamming give you plenty of time to recover from the previous activities. Early on the first morning of the tour, we step out into yet another amazingly bright and beautiful day on the scenic island.

Sunset at Murter | Jaming Adventures Croatia.JPG

We check our gear, test the bikes, and pack our goods into the van. Bikes are strapped onto brackets behind the vehicle, and off we go. Heading across the bridge to the mainland, and then towards Krka National Park. After an hour or so in the van, we disembarked, gear up, and cycle to the most fascinating waterfalls of the national park.

Spectacular national park

The starting location for our day’s cycling had been chosen according to various factors, including the selection of a range of flats, inclines, and downhills for cycling. The proximity to a winery en route, and the endpoint at a very scenic old Croatian town. Along the way, of course, the very pleasant landscape of a spectacular national park (the aforementioned Krka). The park itself is a popular tourist attraction, so don’t expect a quiet and untouched wilderness. However, if you’re comfortable sharing space with other people, then a refreshing dip in the cool, clear waters at the base of a series of waterfalls will definitely revitalize you.

Adventure Holidays with Jamming
National Park Krka River

Further entertaining days follow, with hiking and kayaking offering additional glimpses of the wonderful Kornati Island region. The sea around Murter is brilliantly clear and warm, and generally quite calm. All kayaking routes have been tested by the team and the pace is steady but not too fast. We make breaks on various beaches, pull our kayaks up onto the sand, and enjoy some relaxing snorkeling while the hot Croatian sun shone up above.

What really brings the tour to life?

Adventure Holidays with Jamming offer a satisfying variety of activities. Including sea kayaking, hiking, and cycling. Additionally, visits to historic sites and vineyards are included. As well as the opportunity to bungee jump and scuba dive if so desired. Participation in the activities is not compulsory, and guests are free to choose their level of involvement.

Sea kayaking Experience | Jamming Adventures CroatiaWhat really brings the tour to life are the lunchtimes and evenings. Spending them relaxing as a group in some local venues. The conversation is easy, the drinks flow, and the local cuisine is delicious. From when you first climb into the tour van and the music starts pumping, you will feel like this little part of the world is home. Therefore your fellow adventurers quickly become friends. While the atmosphere is obviously dictated by how the guests interact with each other. On the other hand, joining one of the Adventure Holidays with Jamming will surely make everyone enjoy their time on the magical island of Murter.

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