We are a group of young and enthusiastic guys who wish to show you Croatia’s natural beauty, while sharing our passion for sport and adventure – promoting environmental friendly tourism through kayaking, biking, and hiking.

Here at Jamming Adventures, we believe in having smaller, intimate groups, so our guides can give their full attention and support to our guests. This may range from basic instructions or skill improvement with kayaking or biking, to simply providing information on the cultural aspects of the tour. We offer a variety of tours, ranging from the one week multi-sport tour to the multi-day bike tours and day tours, which cover most of the major national parks in central Dalmatia.

Our goal is to make your trip a relaxing and rewarding experience, from the moment you arrive until the day you depart. We pride ourselves in going to extra lengths so that our guests will experience a part of Croatia not seen by everyone, by exploring the natural beauty of Croatia through sport and adventure.


Paul is a mixture of everything good on the planet. He’s Croatian, but also a Canadian. He loves ice hockey, but he’s also passionate about soccer. He is the co owner of Jamming Adventures, holds a director position and runs the office. Most probably, he’ll be the first person that you see at the airport or the train station. People say he looks like Tom Cruise.


Pero is our tour guide and also a DJ! If you don’t keep him occupied, you are in for long talks about music, nature, history or anything random. And even though he looks like a hippie, he will get you to your destination without a GPS device! At some point in his life, he was also a semi pro snowboarder and now also works as snowboard instructor. Snowboarding is a big passion of Pero, as it is with everybody else in the company.


Ante is the other co owner of the company. He’s in the background, making sure everything runs smoothly and providing help to Paul and Pero whenever needed. He is an experienced paddler and obviously has seen some Viking countries.


Paco is our latest addition to the team. He’s our alarm system and goes pretty well with half a dozen random cats we have in our neighborhood.