Jamming Adventures is a boutique travel company. With a group of young and enthusiastic guys who wish to show you Croatia’s natural beauty. While sharing our passion for sport and adventure – promoting environmentally friendly tourism through kayaking, cycling, and hiking.

Here at Jamming Adventures, we believe in having smaller, intimate groups. So our guides can give their full attention and support to our guests. This may range from basic instructions or skill improvement with kayaking or biking. Or even simply providing information on the cultural aspects of the tour. We offer a variety of tours, ranging from our most popular Croatia Multi-activity tour, sailing and sea kayaking 4 day experiences, which cover most of the major national parks in central Dalmatia.

Our goal is to make your trip with Jamming Adventures a relaxing and rewarding experience, from the moment you arrive until the day you depart. We pride ourselves in going to extra lengths so that our guests will experience a part of Croatia not seen by everyone, by exploring the natural beauty of Croatia through sport and adventure.

Meet the Jamming Adventures Crew

Branka | jamming adventures


Branka started working as a guide back in 2007. Fluent in English, German, and Spanish and has recently started learning French. She is a very passionate skier and snowboarder. She enjoys traveling and trekking through Croatian mountains, Slovenian and Austrian Alps. The love for hiking took her all the way to Argentina, Chile, and Patagonia trekking routes. Thanks to her big love towards nature, she accumulated lots of experience in working with tourists.

Hrvoje | Jamming Adventures


Hrvoje, also known as Herb, is a lead tour guide at Jamming Adventures. He has tons of experience in pulling the best out of people despite rough seas, high temperatures, and pesky allergies. When he’s not working, he’s growing a pack of black panthers at Jamming Adventures resort. In all seriousness, Herb is a guy you want next to you when going gets tough.