A Guide to Outdoor Activities in Croatia
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So, here is a A Guide to Outdoor Activities in Croatia for you to choose from. While ranging from rafting, river kayaking, trekking, cycling, and sea kayaking. Therefore give them all a try and book your next adventure with Raftrek Adventure travel. Because rafting the rivers of Croatia is a wonderful way to experience the unspoiled Croatian interior. As for cycling, there are great roads in Croatia. But they often have no signs, and therefore are not even on maps. On the other hand, sea kayaking in the Adriatic Sea is quite different than the Pacific and the Mediterranean. Since it is warm and clear, with insignificant tides.

Most visitors come to Croatia in summer

First of all, when you plan a vacation by the sea, plan a day on the river or a mountain. Probably it will be the best you will have. You’ll discover that it is the experience of a lifetime. While the tours on our website can serve as a model or as a Guide to Outdoor Activities in Croatia to inspire your own phenomenal trip.

Sailing and Sea Kayaking NP Kornati Island
Sailing and Sea Kayaking NP Kornati Island

Things to do & Activities to try:


If you want to go cycling in Croatia, there are cycling routes available to satisfy everybody’s desires and levels. We offer various levels of cycling. Different routes availability, day trips, and even week-long trips. Join a well-paced bike tour through villages and country roads. There are not only beautiful sceneries but also old towns, churches and other places of cultural and historic interest. If you want to cycle on one of Europe’s most beautiful cycling tracks, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must!

cycling in Croatia as a mean of transport | A Guide to Outdoor Activities in Croatia | Raftrek Travel
Cycling Plitvice Area


We invite you to spend a week or just a few days sailing in Croatia. The itinerary will take you around the most spectacular coastline in Europe. Discovering tiny islands and secluded coves of Dubrovnik archipelago hidden in the sparkling blue Adriatic Sea. Therefore you will experience the true culture of the islands and people.

Adventure Sailing Dubrovnik | Raftrek travel Blog | A Guide to Outdoor Activities in Croatia
Croatia sailing with Raftrek Adventure travel


River kayaking in Croatia is great. During warm season the most beautiful rivers are perfect for canoeing and kayaking in Croatia. So when you plan a vacation by the sea, plan a day on the river. It will be your best. Maybe you will come to Croatia seeking paradise. But as you kayak on travertine waterfalls, you’ll find a whole lot more. Therefore a world away from crowded beaches and seaside resorts.

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Kayaking down Zrmanja River waterfalls

Great way to experience Croatia

Friendly, fun-loving people and their easy-going lifestyle will make your stay a very pleasant one. Besides enjoying your favorite outdoor activities you will love other things as well. We invite you to discover and enjoy the beauties of Croatia, its mild climate, the crystal clear, warm sea water, beautiful beaches, virgin nature, combined with rich history and cultural heritage, delicious cuisine and good wines, an above all, warm and friendly people. So, here is a list of all Raftrek Outdoor Activities in Croatia for you to choose from. Stay tuned and follow our blog to read and learn more online!

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